Aug 14 2016 0Comment

Africa ‘must grab construction opportunities now’

Johannesburg – The future of Africa will be unbuilt without the right transformation and if mind-sets and the general attitude do not change, according to Frans Pienaar, chair of Inyatsi Construction.

An unbuilt future means people focus on the present without considering the importance of a sustainable future in the construction industry, he explains. This includes exploring trends and innovative ways to stay relevant in the industry.

Pienaar warns that countries such as China and India will grab development opportunities if roleplayers on the continent do not act to ensure control of the future of Africa.

“While we wait and fight internally about smaller and sometimes petty issues, the rest of the world takes what is theirs for the taking, including development opportunities and investments in infrastructure, such as educational and development infrastructure,” says Pienaar.

“Foreign direct investment will go to countries that embrace investment and actively seek investment, which makes it good business for the funding agencies. While Africa focuses on internal problems and issues, these opportunities will pass us by.”

According to Pienaar, a special kind of transformation is needed in construction to prevent an unbuilt future.

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